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Fortinet product comparison

Fortinet product comparison

fortinet product comparison

Discover the difference between the Fortinet Fortigate F-Series firewalls with our in-depth comparison table. FortiGate® Network Security Platform - *Top Selling Models Matrix This document is provided as a convenient comparison of Fortinet products and services. Fortinet Firewalls Reviews & Product Details It has the best security features in comparison to others and stands out in the performance also. KNOWN HOSTS WINSCP

Lower cost for the hardware combined with no license charge for the standby unit and higher throughput claims adds up to an impressive financial value. Evaluating other firewall vendors? Check out how we stack up against other cybersecurity vendors by clicking on the options below.

Main Menu. Solutions Image Widgets. Partners Image Widgets. Support Image Widgets. SonicWall vs Fortinet Looking for a new firewall vendor? Yes, I agree to receive electronic messages from SonicWall including information about products, services, and events. I can unsubscribe at a later time. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Lower Cost. Higher Performance. HA on SonicWall firewall included in pricing. Source: Tolly Analyst Brief February Cost-Effective High Avalibility HA Included Additional Cost Fortinet offers multi-tenancy while SonicWall offers multi-instance , a more powerful feature with a modern approach to legacy multi-tenancy.

Capture ATP has been certified for five consecutive quarters. SonicWall Better on Every Level. No False Positives. Integrity Matters SonicWall is committed to ensuring the efficacy of its products and integrity of its supply chain.

You install them, configure them, and leave them alone. Job done. Fortinet has managed to become one of the top industry leaders in security infrastructure in a relatively short amount of time. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. In many cases they have managed to displace other traditional security vendors such as Cisco, Juniper, Checkpoint etc by offering more cost effective and flexible solutions.

For example, in the company that I work we were extensively using Cisco ASA firewalls in many parts of the network which are now gradually being replaced by Fortigate firewalls. One of the characteristics of Fortinet in the hardware firewall market is that they have launched more than 40 different models of firewalls with varying specs and features to cover the whole range of industry needs.

The models above are compact fanless devices mainly used in branch office networks of large enterprises or in small to mid-size businesses with up to around users or more depending on traffic usage. I have included the most important specs in my opinion that a professional should look at when selecting a hardware firewall model. Many people want to select a firewall model based on the number of users in the network.

However, this is not a good approach because in some cases the traffic usage might just be email and web browsing and in some other cases the traffic might be heavier like streaming, downloading large files etc. It is generally better to select a model based on the traffic bandwidth usage, the WAN link speed and what security features you will have enabled on the device.

I would suggest to take the lowest throughput rating on the datasheet see also Table above and use that as a soft rule of thumb. This means that Full-Duplex bandwidth would be Mbps. For that scenario, the 30E or 50E would be a great option. On the other hand, if you have a Mbps WAN link Mbps full-duplex , then you should be looking at the 60E model in order to accommodate full Threat Protection throughput. All Fortigate firewalls run on the same FortiOS operating system which controls all security and networking features of the firewall devices.

Moreover, if you want to un-lock the real security benefits of Fortinet Next Generation Firewalls NGFW with advanced protections which work at Application Layer 7 , you will need to buy a recurring FortiGuard subscription license optional. The above license subscription comes in various flavours and time-length 1-year, 3-year, 5-year.

Moreover, there are four bundle categories of subscriptions Protection, Enterprise Protection, UTM, Threat Protection providing different levels of protection features as shown in the Table below:. All license options above are available for purchasing with all Fortigate models that we will discuss in this article.

The above subscriptions are optional though. However, keep also in mind that the subscription license gives you also FortiCare support service which offers firmware updates, patches, hardware support etc in addition to other support features. They are exactly the same in terms of features and performance with the only exception of WiFi support dual band on the latter model.

Of course, you can connect the LAN ports to a switch for accommodating more internal hosts if needed. You can either use this appliance as normal hardware firewall i. Many people prefer the option above i. This means that you can even connect it to a high-speed Internet connection line even close to gigabit speeds and utilize fully the Mbps firewall throughput which is the raw firewall performance of FGE when it works only as a firewall device.

However, as mentioned above, the real security benefits come when you buy a subscription to the FortiGuard services. Even if the 30E is the smallest model of Fortinet, it can provide all NGFW advanced security features of larger models when subscribed to FortiGuard services. These advanced protection features include web filtering, antivirus, malware protection, Intrusion Prevention, Anti-spam and much more.

If you want a robust and solid hardware firewall for a small office or small business for around users approximately and around 50Mbps WAN link then the FortiGate 30E is a great option. Overall, the FG 30E will give you a lot for your money.

This little device offers Enterprise level security in a small and economical appliance. This model is right in the middle in terms of performance of the devices we are comparing in this article. Moreover, starting with this model, customers can also select a device with an internal SSD storage disk for log retention.

This is very useful for troubleshooting purposes. NOTE : For log retention you can also install an external open-source syslog server and collect logs on that one instead of relying on the internal SSD drive for storage you can configure the firewall to send syslog logs to the external server.

In the above scenario, the FG 50E performance would be sufficient even if all Threat Protection features are enabled. The drive size is definitely much larger than the 51E so you will be able to keep logs for a much longer duration compared to the 51E device although an external syslog server would be a better option in my opinion.

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