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Tightvnc vnc viewer command line

Tightvnc vnc viewer command line

tightvnc vnc viewer command line

To view and control a remote desktop where a TightVNC Server is running, you need to run the TightVNC Viewer. To run the viewer, choose Start->Programs->. vncviewer is a viewer (client) for Virtual Network Computing. This manual page documents version 4 for the X window system. where 'snoopy' is the name of the. -disconnectall. Disconnects all viewers from the server. -reload. Updates settings of running TightVNC. Server from the Windows registry. -shutdown. Quits the. FORTINET VPN CLIENT DISCONNECTS FOR HOT

This can be accessed from the popup menu or from the "Connection details" dialog box. Initial position of the main VNC viewer window. Offsets are optional and the window will be placed by the window manager by default. Causes vncviewer to listen on the given port default for reverse connections from a VNC server. WinVNC supports reverse connections initiated using the 'Add New Client' menu option or the '-connect' command-line option.

Xvnc supports reverse connections with a helper program called vncconfig. Specify which security schemes to attempt to use when authenticating with the server. Default is to attempt every supported scheme.

If you are on a filesystem which gives you access to the password file used by the server, you can specify it here to avoid typing it in. Must be in PEM format. Path to certificate revocation list to use in conjunction with -XCA. Must also be in PEM format. When you make a connection to a VNC server, all other existing connections are normally closed. This option requests that they be left open, allowing you to share the desktop with someone already using it. Specifies that no keyboard or mouse events should be sent to the server.

Useful if you want to view a desktop without interfering; often needs to be combined with -Shared. The maximum size of a clipboard update that will be accepted from a server. Default is Use all local monitors and not just the current one when switching to full-screen mode. Specify which monitors to use when in full screen. The default is "Current". Monitors are ordered according to the system configuration from left to right, and in case of a conflict, from top to bottom.

So, for example, "1,2,3" means that the first, second and third monitor counting from the left should be used. The default is "1". Instead of keeping the existing remote screen size, the client will attempt to switch to the specified since when connecting. If the server does not support the SetDesktopSize message then the screen will retain the original size. Dynamically resize the remote desktop size as the size of the local client window changes. Note that this may not work with all VNC servers.

Use automatic selection of encoding and pixel format default is on. Normally the viewer tests the speed of the connection to the server and chooses the encoding and pixel format appropriately. Tells the VNC server to send full-color pixels in the best format for this display. This is default. Selects the reduced color level to use on slow links. Note that decision if reduced color level is used is made by vncviewer.

JPEG quality level. May be adjusted automatically if -AutoSelect is turned on. Default is 8. Emulate middle mouse button by pressing left and right mouse buttons simultaneously. Default is off. Configures the debug log settings. This option specifies the key which brings up the popup menu. Whether to leave other viewers connected. Default true. Block mouse and keyboard events. Default false. Grab keyboard in full screen mode.

This can help to solve problems with. Raise viewer window on remote beep bell event. File from which to get the password as generated by the vncpasswd. Default is null, i. This option affects only the standard VNC authentication. User name for Unix login authentication. If this option is set, the viewer will prefer Unix.

Whether to use a dialog box to get the password true or get it from the. Irrelevant if passwordFile is set. A list of encodings to use in order of preference, separated by spaces. Default is null, which actually means "copyrect hextile corre rre", or "raw. Compression level for Zlib and Tight encodings in the range Default 6. Use cursor shape updates to track remote mouse cursor locally on. Always use the BGR 8-bit pixel format on the wire, regardless of the.

When using BGR, try to allocate this many "exact" colours from the. BGR colour cube. When using a shared colormap, setting this resource. Irrelevant when using. Default is i. If the number of "exact" BGR colours successfully allocated is less than. This resource says whether to only use the "exact" BGR colours for this. Default true i. Try to use a PseudoColor visual and a private colormap - this allows the. VNC server to control the colormap. Try to use a TrueColor visual.

If forceTrueColour is true, try to use a visual of this depth. Default 0. Whether to use the MIT shared memory extension if on the same machine as. The total width and height taken up by window manager decorations. This is. Default is. When in full screen mode and the VNC desktop is bigger than the X display,. The actual speed of scrolling will be slower than this, of. Default 20 pixels every The number of buttons in the popup window.

See below for how to customise. This is useful for debugging VNC servers by checking exactly which parts of. For each update rectangle vncviewer puts up. This only highlights pixel data sent using the raw encoding. Similar to rawDelay, but highlights the areas copied using the copyrect. Set the number of buttons with the popupButtonCount resource, e. For each button, set the label, and override the button press translations,. SendRFBEvent ptr,,,0. You can override translations on the desktop window.

For example to change the. These are the actions which you can use in translations:. Show and hide the popup window, respectively. With no argument, simply sends the. RFB equivalent of the X event which caused the action. With arguments,.

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tightvnc vnc viewer command line

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