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Comodo antivirus engine not initialized

Comodo antivirus engine not initialized

comodo antivirus engine not initialized

Try stopping the device again later' The only wauy to resolve this is to stop the scanning process of Comodo AntiVirus before attempting to stop the device(s). Re: antivirus engine not initialized · 1 boot in safe-mode · 2 copy the file from the c:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security\. Source: Lzx_Decoder::init() initializes the vector Lzx_Decoder->window to a. DELL SONICWALL VS FORTINET Comodo antivirus engine not initialized cisco tidal software


Toker Newbie Posts: 3. Hey, im also getting this "antivirus engine not initialized" error everytime i ty and update or scan my computer, i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the antivirus. Quote from: Toker on November 09, , AM. Anyway, I wanna thank you all for your attention LarryLaser Comodo Member Posts: Is any one ever going to answer this problem???

This has been an issue on my system since I first installed Comodo AV, and no one has ever dealt with this problem. I have tried a lot of AV software on this system and non have found any virus or maulware, But Comodo will not initialize the AV Engine. And I have no log files to find the problem with. This happens almost every time the "bases. No , not at this time. The others I have tried had worse Glitches and greater problems, mostly demanding way to much resources.

One of the main issue is that I have to demand a Scan to find out that the file is corrupted. Some kind of monitor for the file would be better as long as the resource requirement is not over done. Next is to figure out what is calling the lockup when the High Severity mode happens, some times I am able to Kill the processes involved, but not every time. I have recently got the Windows 7 x64 beta and going to try Comodo on it, I will publish the reactions as soon as I have them.

Thanks LarryLaser. Pages: [ 1 ] Go Up. All rights reserved. Seo4Smf 2. The AV system is useless. Virus database was updated automatically on 20 Dec. Many other users have complained about this fault. Meanwhile, we will all wait until they have a nice long Christmas break and perhaps sometime in the new year, they just may get around to correcting this matter, so that customers can use the AV part of COMODO and not just the Firewall. It was not meant seriously, just an innocent gibe.

The system is superb in design and operation, as a technical man, it is remarkable and to be offered free is astounding. The AV now works perfectly as before, but the only downside is that I lost all my personal security entries for an awful lot of files and programs. I have just had to start this enormous task again of going through the entire listing for the Firewall and Defense.

It is VERY laborious and time consuming. Many thanks to the kind people who replied to my poster. Last edited: Dec 20, Kas , Dec 20, Joined: Mar 24, Posts: 2, Have some consideration for the Comodo staff who have been working hard. A lot of research and development goes into the product, lots of money invested. And the staff for all their hard work, require an income and have bills to pay.

Saraceno , Dec 20, Joined: Oct 3, Posts: Hello Kas; I had the exact problem a few days ago. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to update, I uninstalled the antivirus component, rebooted, then reinstalled the antivirus component and all was well. I have no idea why the problem occurred. Every firewall setting I tried including turning the firewall off had no effect. I do know the inability to update was preceeded by several extremely slow updates, each taking over ten minutes.

Hopefully, this problem won't re-surface. Joined: Aug 16, Posts: This was fixed few days ago with def.

Comodo antivirus engine not initialized splashtop connect to a computer with vpn running

Comodo Firewall - Product Review and Configuration Settings comodo antivirus engine not initialized

Pity, that ultravnc web based consider, that


Comodo antivirus engine not initialized ultravnc 1 05 msi

Comodo Security agent could not be started

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