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Suse linux enterprise server 10 vnc

Suse linux enterprise server 10 vnc

suse linux enterprise server 10 vnc

Install VNC viewer on client computer, this example in on Windows Download from the site below to install UltraVNC. Virtual Network Computing (VNC) enables you to control a remote computer via a graphical desktop (as opposed to a remote shell access). # set VNC password. [email protected]:~>. vncpasswd. Password: Verify: · # start VNC server · vncserver:1 -geometry x -depth 24 · # stop VNC server. HOW TO DISABLE FORTINET IN YOUR SCHOOL

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Important information. Policy template files Remotely configure and lock down programs using policy. Download Vista and later. Download , XP, Server The actual display or port number you specify in the VNC client must be the same as the display or port number picked by the vncserver command on the target machine. See Section 8. By running vncviewer without specifying --listen or a host to connect to, it will show a window to ask for connection details.

Enter the host into the VNC server field like in Section 8. The VNC protocol supports different kinds of encrypted connections, not to be confused with password authentication. Remmina is a modern and feature-rich remote desktop client. To use Remmina, verify whether the remmina package is installed on your system, and install it if not.

Remember to install the VNC plug-in for Remmina as well:. The main application window shows the list of stored remote sessions. Here you can add and save a new remote session, quick-start a new session without saving it, start a previously saved session, or set Remmina's global preferences. To add and save a new remote session, click in the top left of the main window.

The Remote Desktop Preference window opens. Complete the fields that specify your newly added remote session profile. The most important are:. If the communication between the client and the remote server is not encrypted, activate Disable encryption , otherwise the connection fails. Confirm with Save. Your new profile will be listed in the main window. You can either start a previously saved session, or quick-start a remote session without saving the connection details.

To start a remote session quickly without adding and saving connection details, use the drop-down box and text field at the top of the main window. Remote sessions are opened in tabs of a separate window. Each tab hosts one session. To edit a saved remote session, right-click its name in Remmina's main window and select Edit.

Refer to Section 8. To copy a saved remote session, right-click its name in Remmina's main window and select Copy. In the Remote Desktop Preference window, change the name of the profile, optionally adjust relevant options, and confirm with Save. To delete a saved remote session, right-click its name in Remmina's main window and select Delete. Confirm with Yes in the next dialog. If you need to open a remote session from the command line or from a batch file without first opening the main application window, use the following syntax:.

Remmina's profile files are stored in the. To determine which profile file belongs to the session you want to open, run Remmina, click the session name in the main window, and read the path to the profile file in the window's status line at the bottom. While Remmina is not running, you can rename the profile file to to a more reasonable file name, such as sle You can even copy the profile file to your custom directory and run it using the remmina -c command from there.

A one-time session is initiated by the remote client. It starts a graphical login screen on the server. This way you can choose the user which starts the session and, if supported by the login manager, the desktop environment. When you terminate the client connection to such a VNC session, all applications started within that session will be terminated, too. One-time VNC sessions cannot be shared, but it is possible to have multiple sessions on a single host at the same time.

Activate Enable access using a web browser if you plan to access the VNC session in a Web browser window. If necessary, also check Open Port in Firewall for example, when your network interface is configured to be in the External Zone. If you have more than one network interface, restrict opening the firewall ports to a specific interface via Firewall Details.

In case not all needed packages are available yet, you need to approve the installation of missing packages. YaST makes changes to the display manager settings. You need to log out of your current graphical session and restart the display manager for the changes to take effect. The default configuration on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server serves sessions with a resolution of x pixels at a color depth of bit. Other configurations can be made available on different ports , see Section 8. VNC display numbers and X display numbers are independent in one-time sessions.

A VNC display number is manually assigned to every configuration that the server supports :1 in the example above. Whenever a VNC session is initiated with one of the configurations, it automatically gets a free X display number. By default, both the VNC client and server try to communicate securely via a self-signed SSL certificate, which is generated after installation.

You can either use the default one, or replace it with your own. When using the self-signed certificate, you need to confirm its signature before the first connection. You can skip this section, if you do not need or want to modify the default configuration. One-time VNC sessions are started via the systemd socket xvnc. By default it offers six configuration blocks: three for VNC viewers vnc1 to vnc3 , and three serving a Java applet vnchttpd1 to vnchttpd3.

By default only vnc1 and vnchttpd1 are active. For a list of options, see Xvnc --help. When adding custom configurations, make sure they are not using ports that are already in use by other configurations, other services, or existing persistent VNC sessions on the same host. When activating Remote Administration as described in Procedure 8. If the network interface serving the VNC sessions is protected by a firewall, you need to manually open the respective ports when activating additional ports for VNC sessions.

See Chapter 15, Masquerading and Firewalls for instructions. A persistent session can be accessed from multiple clients simultaneously. This is ideal for demonstration purposes where one client has full access and all other clients have view-only access. Another use case are trainings where the trainer might need access to the trainee's desktop. This type of persistent VNC session is initiated on the server. The session and all applications started in this session run regardless of client connections until the session is terminated.

Access to persistent sessions is protected by two possible types of passwords:. Open a shell and make sure you are logged in as the user that should own the VNC session. If the network interface serving the VNC sessions is protected by a firewall, you need to manually open the port used by your session in the firewall. If starting multiple sessions you may alternatively open a range of ports. See Chapter 15, Masquerading and Firewalls for details on how to configure the firewall.

For persistent sessions, the VNC display and the X display usually have the same number. To start a session with a resolution of x pixel and with a color depth of bit, enter the following command:.

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