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How to install getmail

How to install getmail

how to install getmail

Getmail will require that python is installed. Most distributions have python so it is FreeBSD's ports or Gentoo's portage will install getmail for you. Download for CentOS 7 from EPEL repository. Getmail is written entirely in python. Install getmail rpm package. getmail. v extensible mail retrieval system with POP3, IMAP4, To install getmail, paste this in macOS terminal after installing MacPorts. WINSCP OPTION BATCH CONTINUE

Both maildrop and procmail need it. If all is set up successfully, you should see it polling your pop server and retrieving your mail. Unlike fetchmail, getmail doesn't have a daemon option, so if you want it to poll your server at regular intervals, you will have to add a crontab entry. The man 5 crontab page explains things rather clearly, but a quick example.

That will set getmail to run every 5 minutes. If you wish to change the interval you want to change the 5 to however many minutes you wish. One quick note of warning. If you wanted the job to run every two hours and made a crontab like this. The correct way to specify the job to run every two hours would be. With FreeBSD 5. This is mentioned on getmail's home page. The top line read. The first line gives the path to python and needs no modification. If you have sendmail or another MTA sending you system messages, this will send you a message each time getmail retrieves mail.

With getmail 4. If, for instance, one gets their home and work mail, create a getmailrc-home and getmailrc-work rc file. Put both of them in your. They don't have to be called getmailrc-home, etc, you can simply call them home and work. Therefore, whether you call it getmailrc-home or just home, you'll get an error unless you specify the rcfile as shown above. If there is a non-fatal error, it will retrieve the mail but not delete it from the server. This is probably a Good Thing.

The message was retrieved, but remained on the server. At the time of this writing, the current stable version of Python is 2. Binary packages are available for RPM-based Linux systems, or building Python from source is typically as easy as unpacking the source tarball, and running the following commands:.

Since the above was written, Python 2. Installing getmail is very easy; just download the tarball distribution, unpack it, change into the directory it unpacks into, and run this command:. That's all there is to it. If you'd like more details on install options, keep reading.

Once you have downloaded or otherwise obtained getmail, unpack it. On GNU-ish Unix-like systems, this means:. Then, change into the extracted getmail directory and start the build process. The easiest installation method is to use the included setup. Alternatively, you can build a binary package i. When that completes in a few seconds, become root and then install the software. You can install in the default location, or specify an alternate location to install the software, or specify alternate directories for only part of the package.

To install in the default location, become user root and install with the following commands:. You can specify an alternate prefix directory by supplying the --prefix option to the install command, like this:. This will install the various parts of the package in subdirectories like in the default installation see the section Installing in the default location above , but under your specified prefix directory.

Note, however, that the getmailcore package will not be in the default Python module search path if you do this; see the section Installing the getmailcore package in a non-standard location if you use this option. If you only want to change the directory for some of the components, use the following options:.

You will need to do one of the following to make those files available to the scripts:. See the documentation at the Python. It is strongly recommended that you install the Python library files in the site-packages directory which Python provides for exactly this reason. To build a binary package from the included source, run the following command from inside the unpacked getmail source.

Ideally, if you use this method, it will result in a "built distribution" binary package in a subdirectory named dist which can then be installed using the appropriate system-specific tool. If you have problems with this process, please do not ask me for assistance; ask your OS vendor or the comp. The install-directory-from-source process above is the only one I can support, and it should work on all platforms.

You can discuss issues with building binary packages on the getmail users' mailing list. A mailing list has been set up to discuss getmail. Only subscribers may post to the list. The list is available for free getmail support from me and other users, for discussions of bugs, configuration issues, documentation, and other technical issues related to getmail. Read and save the "welcome" message you receive when you subscribe ; it contains valuable instructions about how to use the list. Complete instructions for using the list are sent to you when you subscribe.

The list allows plaintext message bodies and plaintext attachments. Do not attempt to send binary files gzip, etc , HTML, or other types, as they will be stripped from your message.

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The aim of this QND guide is to get you up and running quickly with getmail.

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how to install getmail

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This directory will store your configuration data and the debugging logs that getmail generates. This directory will store your email. If you change the path in the file above, touch whatever filename you used. This command creates an empty file that getmail can then append to. The file format should be pretty self-explanatory. The [destination] section tells where to save your email, and in what format.

Finally, we set options so that getmail generates a verbose log file that will help in case there are any snags. Suppose you prefer Maildir instead? But the Maildir format uses three directories tmp, new, and cur. In addition, change the [destination] section to say. The good news is that step 2 was the hard part.

It works! But wait — I have over 99 messages, you say. Why did it only download 99 messages? The short answer is that Gmail will only let you down a few hundred emails at a time. You can repeat the command let getmail finish each time before you run it again until all of your email is downloaded. Enjoy the feeling of having a Gmail backup in case your net connection goes down.

As I mentioned, mbox and Maildir have different advantages. And when one program is trying to write new email while another program is trying to edit the file, things can sometimes go wrong unless both programs are careful. Maildir is more robust, but it chews through inodes because each email is a separate file. It also can be harder to process Maildir files with regular Unix command-line tools, just because there are so many email files.

Why not archive your email in both formats just to be safe? The getmail program can easily support this. Just change your [destination] information to look like this:. The getmail website has a ton of great documentation, too. Major props to Charles Cazabon for his getmail program. See the main site for directions on signing up for the list.

So I wrote up how I back up my Gmail in case it helps anyone else. Added March 16, : Several people have added helpful comments. Peng describes how to back up the email by label as well. Thanks for mentioning that Peng!

Are you afraid of losing your information? I thought that Gmail would never in danger of losing anything. For username, put your full email address: you example. Server is still pop. This is great. Some time ago I heard about Gmail accounts being closed because they had too much traffic.

It might have been because they were trying to download all their mails. You can use Mail. Thanks for this. Do you guys have a business solution where we can use the gmail software, but using our own domain name? Other systems that I know have to learn first, and you constantly have to send special emails to say which emails are allowed and which are not. The Gmail software does that much better and has the enormous advantage that it is all in the same screen.

Teaching employees that they have to teach the filter what to let through and what is real spam is at best a waste of time. So if Google has this, can you let me know where I can find this service? Peter, Have you heard of Google Apps? I like Gmail too, I have more than 6GB now, do not need to backup anything.

When i receive email with OE, i leave a copy of my email on Gmail, so i can read my past emails at anytime and anywhere. Absolutely, Peter IMC. If you were checking for new email all the time, then it might be different. It took a while to try to make it clear. My mail needs to get processed: I add tags, delete mails, tag mails as spam, flag mails, … If I backup using pop, all my tags will be lost, deleted messages will stay on my backup, … Using a mail client like Mail.

Any suggestions? Lars Schillingmann has the solution. That works with getmail because it does not use the seen status in order to decide if a mail has to be downloaded but uses its own index for that. Anyone ever uses ClarkConnect? It has an email server build in even for the free Community version. I then access these emails from CC directly from my home or office and only access Gmail on Google when I am on the road.

Since the emails are synched, whatever is done on the CC server is synched to the Gmail server. Is this possible? Basically the idea here is instead of each person at the office does his own backup on his personal computer, we have a centralized backup server that is CC.

Considering how bad the non-IT people backup their data, it is best to stored the data on a centralized server so IT can monitor and backup the data for them. Just read the documentation of getmail and noticed that in case of the mbox format, the. Also, being afraid of a huge. I recently set up gmail to pick up my mail using pop from my main domain email accounts.

I did this because sometimes I had trouble accessing my email from certain places. But since a lot of places ban gmail this became a bit useless. So now I just use gmail to back up my mail for free. Seems this is a good way for me to do a restore then!!! I once used mpop to backup my gmail account. Unfortunately I could for some reason not get to all my messages.

Which is scary and really annoying. Ian Chilton, that was just what I used. Peng, good point. I updated the post to mention that you need to create the mbox file before running getmail. So you have the choice. Do you have any idea what would cause this limit? I would like to point out that, although I did not use the method above, backing up my gmail account proved useful for me when I must not have fully logged out of a public computer and someone got on my gmail account and deleted everything.

I already had a backup email account setup in gmail which all mail was forwarded to. I never lost anything. Deleted emails and label changes in the Gmail interface after the fact would not be reflected in the archive.

Is this correct? If so, would using IMAP with getmail keep the 2 in sync? If not, are there other methods to do this with a command line email client so it could happen invisibly on my home server? I also added a special option for Gmail. I noticed that all the discussion is all about backing up. This would not be nice in case for restoring accidentally deleted mails. I would also be a nice feature for transferring IMAP email accounts from one provider to another.

No offense, but you call this easy? The IMAP setup worked flawlessly. Thanks so much. Thanks for the helpful post, backing up this way seems to work well. Otherwise, you will get a new copy of each message each time you download, at least with IMAP.

Well thanks again for the post. I used this flawlessly about a year ago, but it seems now things have gotten updated. On step 4: creating a shell script, python has had a few updates since your post. How to download only specific labeled mails from Gmail? Thanks in advance. A little security related hint. Thank you for this great tutorial! Thanks again Matt! Just a comment in case someone else is as dense as I am. I copied the config file for pop3 and pasted it into gedit to modify and save.

This caused everything to be tabbed over from the left-hand edge. Until I removed the tabs and aligned everything to the left the config file would not work, getmail threw lots of errors. Thanks for a very useful article. The problem with backing up with IMAP — which for some reason neither Matt nor anyone else has mentioned — is that it marks ALL backed up mail as read. I get tons of mail and one of the most useful pieces of info I have is whether a message is read.

Well, I just nuked that information on all my old mail. Back up via IMAP if you want but do not sell it is as some nice solution. POP access, at least, can be set in the GMail settings to not affect message read marking. Thanks for the post. At the same time, you also need to make sure that you archive and backup your email to prevent the loss in situations like accidental loss of data from email servers, hacking of account, forget password, over size inbox or unpredictable scenarios.

There are five basic functions that we all need to perform in order to manage and safeguard our email- backup, restore, archive, transfer and organize the data. Beyond Inbox can help you perform all of these in a very efficient and easy way. Beyond Inbox is available in two different flavors i. You can easily install beyond Inbox. From then on eg weekly is probably enough that running it once will suffice. You need to create the folder and have it writeable, along with three subfolders: cur, new and tmp.

Hope this helps someone. Still has the unfortunate side effect of flagging mail as read. Ok, You all post how to backup. Could You write something about this? Thanks for writing this useful tool. However, this seems rather insecure to me. As it stands, any other user on the computer will be able to read that file. Best iPhone SE Cases. Best Password Managers. Best Nintendo Switch Headsets. Best Camera Accessories.

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