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Em client email not in outbox local

Em client email not in outbox local

em client email not in outbox local

eM Client uses the Local Folders Outbox to store messages that are being uploaded. Those folders are not visible by default. I tried deleting it but it is not going away. Does this stuck draft email show in the eg: Local Folder Outbox or Drafts folder at the. That is, items deleted in any Outbox folder should be removed from a local folder within just eM Client for holding a pending outgoing message. AT FORTINET

Hi there, First of all let me tell you that I am using eM Client for the last few years and is very happy with it. I am using the free version. Few days back there is one mail which got stuck in my draft folder although I have already sent it successfully.

In gmail web version there is no mail in the draft folder but in eM Client I can able to see it I am not able to see its content though. I tried deleting it but it is not going away. Please look into the issue and let me know if any other detail I can provide to help you people fix the issue. Thanks, Rajib. One thing you can try is to upgrade to the latest version available in the Release History and see if there is any difference.

But there have been some posts on this forum about draft message issues with Gmail. Hopefully someone else may offer you some useful advice. I have the same, or very similar, issue. An already sent copy of message is stuck in my Draft folder list. Unfortunately I do not see any smart folder. I tried to go on menu, setting,general to check the box Show Smart Folder but the only thing I can check is Local folder, in which nothing is present.

Any hint? In the Mail section of eM Client, Smart Folders will always be at the top of the list, above your email accounts. But this is what I have in my side bar and this is what I have in my settings. In the settings there is no show smart box ….

Eg: If you send single or multiple. So emails just sit in the local outbox. Some other IMAP cloud mailboxes could have same policies. One of my colleagues had that issue recently. Ok as the sending emails are not visible in the outbox that sounds like there is some sort of error within your account in EMClient. Or alt create a new account if still fails. The day before yesterday I removed my account, but the error came up again when everything was reconstructed….

Ok I would have thought creating a new acct in Emclient as a last resort as you said would have fixed the prob. Hopefully someone on the forum can help further with this problem. I tried to repair and also to delete the account and redo it. I will try to disinstall the client and reinstall it … but it seems too much as a solution …. Ah, the second error is most likely the cause. The first thing you want to address is that insufficient storage error.

Em client email not in outbox local server sent passive reply with unroutable address filezilla


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Scheduling Emails and Using the Outbox Page in Enate em client email not in outbox local

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